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A model to develop players capable of dominating 1v1 situations. All the best players in the world outplay their opposition in 1v1’s, however they all do so according to their abilities and in line with the team’s style of play. This document is developed to give coaches a blueprint to develop these kind of players.




Video of the exercises can be found here. They are filmed with the help of Spond.


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An early, shortened version of the model can be read here:






The following blogs and websites are thoroughly recommended by us at Fotballdykket. These are run by people with an incredible level of expertise in their area, hope you enjoy! They are presented in an appropiate mix of Norwegian and English.

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Fotball Kompetansesenter er en glimrende ressurs for trenere. De tilbyr trenerutdanning på flere nivåer, med både kursing, studieturer og mentorveiledning. Deres neste kurs er:

– Studietur til FC Dinamo Zagreb (mer info)
– Trenerseminar med forelesere fra storklubber som PSG, Manchester City m.f. (mer info kommer!)

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Stevie Grieve is the coach/analyst behind the brilliant MindGame. He has now started a coach development company seeking to improve the standard of coaching across the world; from grassroots to professional football, and develop a global network of people who can exchange and discuss ideas, and find ways to improve football for their community.

Have you attended a coaching course and been underwhelmed or disappointed? Are you a club looking to produce better coaches, teams and players? Are you a player looking for assistance to improve performance from a tactical standpoint? Look no further than to Stevie!

Onside soccer consulting

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Peter Loffeld is a physioterapist with expertise with rehab for football players (our Norwegian interview with Peter can be read here). He works via the Football Rehab model developed by Dutch football coach Raymond Verheijen together with manual therapist Mikael Kuijpers. He is also working with Kuijpers to further develop this model.

Are you wondering how to plan your next pre-season? Do you need advice to get started? Are you injured and want to know how to get back to play in a safe way? Or any other question on how to keep your players on the pitch? Then Peter is your guy.

Football and rehab – Quality over Quantity

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