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Too Much Fancy Dans, The Fight Against Creativity.

I first met Saul during an online argument about isolated training. Now, around a year later, I suspect he might have been right. We have since kept in touch, and just before christmas he came to visit in Southampton to put on a practical session and Q&A. Since then I have become more and more intrigued with Saul’s work, all which can be found at his website – Jonas MunkvoldBilderesultat for saul isaksson hurst

About The Author: Saul Isaksson-Hurst is an experienced premier league academy coach having spent 6 years at Tottenham Hotpsur FC and 4 years at Chelsea FC’s Academy as a Foundation Phase skills specialist and is founder of where he is director of coaching. Saul talks about the stigma against creative players in English football that still exists today.

Aidy Boothroyd, the England u21 manager (a key figurehead in English Football) was last year quoted as saying that he wanted his players to play more like a team…’Playing as individuals is not going to get us where we want to go, we are not here to do tricks and fanny around.’

This opens up a debate about winning and development but I think more interestingly enough outlines the strained relationship English Football has with skilful players or dribblers and maybe explains why we don’t as a football nation produce enough of them.


 “We are not here to do tricks and fanny around.”

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